Canvas Experience

Come in and let’s begin. Your adventure starts with the architecture, the bright and fluid lines of the white building and the lush greenery backdrop is quite simply, hard to miss. Step inside the lobby and you’ll know you’re in for something special: Canvas Boutique Hotel marries warmth and comfort with a modern, industrial-chic interior that is unlike any other in Puerto Princesa. You’ll find Instagram-worthy spaces meant for sharing, where every piece of décor has meaning and even the walls themselves have exciting tales to tell. Trust us, you’ll need more than a moment to take it all in.

Story of the Walls

If walls could talk, what would you want it to say? The walls at Canvas speak volumes, and—quite literally—every storey has a story. Weaving that narrative into life were a team of visual artists who rendered Palawan culture, life forms and mythology onto colorful, vibrant reverbs of the island's most celebrated cultural traits. The result is a refreshing surge of life, breathed to perfectly weave into the hotel's contemporary fixtures. To wit, the walls whisper this: staying at Canvas awakens an innate instinct for adventure.

Start from the ground up and allow the Canvas walls speak to you. The first floor, dubbed Underworld, is painted with otherworldly elements that'll leave the observer daunted. As you reach the second landing, drown out in awe as you explore Under The Sea, teeming with water creatures floating in colorful concrete. Trek the steps to Land at the third floor, as you imagine yourself at a hike through earthy ground and rich soil, and bask at the summit in the top and fourth floor, aptly called Sky and Mountain, where airy explorations await. See, your adventure has already begun—and you've only just arrived at the hotel.

Download the Story of the Walls HERE.

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Canvas Boutique Hotel is located at:
Palawan North Road corner San Juan
Barangay San Miguel, Puerto Princesa
Palawan, Philippines

For inquiries & reservations, contact 0917 807 1360 / reservations@canvasboutiquehotel.com

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