Painted Table

In any given home, it’s amazing to think how the finite edges of a simple four-cornered dining table has born witness to countless stories spun by the people who dine around it. To park oneself on the dining table, and bask in the communal care (and chaos!) of being around people that matter is a touchstone to all forms of homecoming, whether it be that daily, post nine-to-five grind, or a lengthy excursion spanning many months and miles. The Painted Table, a café and restaurant located at the ground floor of Canvas takes this to heart, with its flavorful food, congenial vibe and a design concept that tells millions of stories. What do you know–you’ve just found yourself a place to come home to, right smack in the middle of your vacation.

Ask anybody to describe home and they’ll probably tell you about the food. It’s equal parts flavor and feeling—that first familiar bite of your favorite dish is enough to send waves of comfort as its taste sinks into the palette. The Painted Table’s specially curated menu follows suit: home-cooked Filipino and Western comfort dishes, freshly prepared, locally sourced and inspired by the cuisine of nowhere else but your own kitchen.

At the Painted Table, home is where the art is. The centerpiece of each meal is the restaurant’s namesake—a 5 meter, 18 seater painted table, commissioned by Canvas to muralist AG Sano. A street art savant also known as the Dolphin Guy, AG pours his deft of marine art into illustrating the table’s whole stretch with colorful renderings of Palawan nature and folklore. Before even being served, guests get to feast on this: a vibrant mix of species endemic to the island, intertwined gracefully through strokes and splashes around the table’s focal point – a kid from Palawan’s Batak Tribe. The Painted Table comes with treats for all senses: a place where guests are visually and gastronomically filled.

That’s how it is at the Painted Table—palettes that travel through each dish are inspired to take on more adventures. Comfort dishes and creative design details fuel each guest’s hunger to touch base with Palawan. Each meal taken at the Painted Table, rich in flavor and dripping with cultural narratives, makes everyone feel like stepping out to explore is an act of coming home.

Download the Menu HERE.